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Get Up Stand Up… March REVIEW

March 22nd, 2010 in Comedy Night by Josh

We’re constantly surprised and flattered here at Interestment by how incredibly supportive, loyal and friendly our audience members are and March’s edition of Get Up Stand Up was no different.  Guys, you make our night.

After cramming the upstairs of the Bread and Roses to its capacity, an eager and excited crowd waited with baited breath as our comedians took to the stage. First came Fraser Millward, previewing his alter ego as a jobsworth traffic policemen . Was it a character or was it real? We still don’t know.  Funny either way, we say.

Anthea Neagle followed with chirpy tales of slutty dresses which her mum bought for her and eczema.  Two things you thought you’d never hear in the same five minutes. Then our very own Hannah Isherwood tickled our ribs with her trademark dark and unnerving but awesomely hilarious tales of AIDS, racism and incest. We love it.

A slightly bruised and battered Mr Jeff Leach (off of Big Brothers Big Mouth, don’t you know?) wowed the girls with some rather saucy sex talk (much to resident MC Lloyd’s chagrin, see further below).  Closing the first half was star of Skins, Joel Dommett, providing us with a high-octane account of why he should have gone to see the Lion King.  Mark our words, Mr Dommett’s comedy star is rising very quickly.

After the break, morose beauty Rachel Stubbings raised the laugh level giving us a personal insight into her strengths and weaknesses and is the only comic we know that can make jokes about clouds funny.  Interestment regular Joe Wilkinson premiered some new bits with his usual flair and aplomb –  when is that man ever not funny? Then, another Interestment favourite, Tim Shishodia, brought his unique brand of surreal genius to the stage. A fine set up for the headliner, Comedy Store regular and Radio 4 writer, Mr William Andrews, who stormed it like no other with his melange of government sponsored humour, musical commentary and knock-out one liners.

All in all March was a massive success.  A big thank you to the audience, acts and our fantastic MC Lloyd Griffith. Lloydie you are the glue that binds us. You are not a sex pest. Next night, 9 April 2010. Get reserving people.

Author: Josh

Josh has spent ten years plying his wares as a journalist, working for some big names, and some rather small ones too. His is the giant throbbing brain that came up with this whole Interestment malarkey. Specialist subjects include: some types of music, a few films, certain television programmes, and hats.

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